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Cytogenetics of WPGS

WPGS Chromosome Smear.

Designing Future Wheat FAQ

  1. Nomenclature and translations
  2. Availability of Material
  3. Archive Materials
  4. Associated Costs

Nomenclature and translations

This provides some information to decode the various Tool Kit Lines

Acronym Name Units Description
ADTT Thermal time to anthesis Days Thermal temperature of 50 percentage shoots reaching GS61.
AGDM Aboveground dry matter at harvest g/sqm Gram (aboveground dry mass) per square meter (ground) at harvest
COMGRWT Combine grain weight g Combine grain weight - used to calculate yield
COMSTR Combine straw weight g Combine straw weight - used to calculate straw yield
DTAD Days to anthesis Days The number of days required for the first visible emergence of anthers.
DTEM Days to Ear emergence Days The number of days required for 50% of the ear to be visible.
DTMA Days to maturity Days The number of days until maturity.
EM Ear emergence date Date The date when in half of the plot half of the ear has emerged from the flag leaf of the plant. This is a way to measure flowering time or heading date.
GFP Grain filling period Days Average duration of the grain filling period or duration (anthesis to physiological maturity).
GFPTT Grain filling Dday period Days TT of grain filling period or duration (anthesis to physiological maturity).
GFR Grain filling rate g/day Average rate of grain filling per day.
GRYLD Grain yield t/ha The grain yield, measured in tonnes per hectare.
GW grain width mm width of grain from MARVIN screen
HT Plant height cm The actual measurement of plant height from soil surface to the highest point in plant as identified in the study in centimeters.
LODG lodging arbitrary A measurement of the degree of lodging of the plants on a scale from 0 - 5 (0 = no lodging, 5 = 100percent lodging)
MATU maturity arbitrary Overall maturity of the plant scored as early, moderate or late (e,m,l)
MILDS mildew disease score arbitrary A measurement of the degree of disease on the leaves or of the plant on a scale from 0 - 10 (0 = 0% of leaf area diseased, 10 = 100% diseased)
NDRE NDRE % NDRE a refinement of NDVI gives a more accurate estimate of N uptake.
NDVI Normalised difference vegetative index % Normalised difference vegetative index

SeedStor database description

The example below shows how the SeedStor Accession names have been formed from the experimental information. For the line WL0019 which indicates a Wheat line from the Landrace subcollection the accession name
PW141-7-6-18-Q7B-HT-W (2016) shows the following etymology:

Segment meaning
PW Paragon x Watkins
141 Landrace accession (1190141)
7 Population line number used in development
6 original plant ID
18 final plant selection
Q7B QTL Chromosome 7B
HT Height trait
W Watkins allele final selection (P=Paragon)
2016 Year of field production

Availability of Material

Standard issue is 6-8 grains per line.

Archive Materials

The material accessible through SeedStor

Associated Costs

There is a fee per line to support the management of this collection.