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Wheat Precise Genetic Stocks FAQ

  1. Materials in Collection
  2. Availability of Material
  3. Archive Materials
  4. Associated Costs

Materials in Collection

The wheat precise genetic stocks (WPGS) collection at the JIC Germplasm Resources Unit contains seed from over 3250 individual plants. The majority of these have been individually cytogenetically analysed.

Within the Collection we hold three classes of material:

  • Wheat Aneuploids: Lines which have either less than, or more than, a normal (euploid) chromosome content.
  • Wheat-Alien Chromosomal Addition and Substitution Lines: Lines in which a single chromosome pair, or part of a chromosome pair, from a wheat wild relative, is present in a wheat background either in addition to, or in substitution of, the homologous wheat chromosome.
  • Wheat Amphiploids: Lines created by intraspecific crosses that have an unstable genetic constitution comprising material from both parents.

For more details about the specifics of the material we hold please follow this link.

Availability of Material

In fairness to the whole research community we serve, we limit each WPGS request to a maximum of 50 lines.

There is no limit on the number of such requests being made, but we will exercise judgment on compliance with them to balance the interests of all users - so the stronger the case you can make to us for their necessity, the more likely further requests will be supplied.

Standard issue is 6-8 grains per line.

Archive Materials

The material accessible through SeedStor is now the core WPGS collection. Other WPGS stocks are present within our archive so if the material you seek is not in SeedStor, please get in touch with Simon Orford who manages this resource.   WPGS Query

Associated Costs

There is a £15 fee per line to support the management and regeneration of this material. There may be other charges for example shipping and phytosanitary costs for non-EU requestors, estimates for these will be provided when you place your order.