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Collection Details: Reference collection of sequenced wheat stocks. PANG0010 (Accession Name: Lo7) is a rye line available directly from KWS Lochow.

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Sample Status


PANG0001 Pangenome (id#39739)ArinaLrFor (2017)Tri-aesCHEWinter400
PANG0002 Pangenome (id#39740)Cadenza (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring500
PANG0003 Pangenome (id#39741)CDC Landmark (2017)Tri-aesCANSpring500
PANG0004 Pangenome (id#39742)CDC Stanley (2017)Tri-aesCANSpring500
PANG0005 Pangenome (id#39743)Claire (2017)Tri-aesGBEWinter500
PANG0006 Pangenome (id#39744)Jagger (2017)Tri-aesUSAWinter500
PANG0007 Pangenome (id#39745)Julius (2017)Tri-aesDEUWinter500
PANG0008 Pangenome (id#39746)Kronos (2017)Tri-aesUSASpring500
PANG0009 Pangenome (id#39747)Lancer (2018)Tri-aesAUSSpring500
PANG0011 Pangenome (id#39749)Mace (2018)Tri-aesAUSWinter500
PANG0012 Pangenome (id#39750)Norin 61 (2017)Tri-aesJPNWinter500
PANG0013 Pangenome (id#39751)Paragon (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring500
PANG0014 Pangenome (id#39752)Robigus (2017)Tri-aesGBEWinter500
PANG0015 Pangenome (id#39753)SY Mattis (2018)Tri-aesFRAWinter500
PANG0016 Pangenome (id#39754)Weebill (2017)Tri-aesMEXSpring500
Synonym: CIMMYT GID 5893282
PANG0018 Pangenome (id#54878)PI 190962 (NR)Tri-speESP300