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This section details the Plant Accessions from your chosen Collection (Designing Future Wheat Breeders Toolkit) that are maintained by the GRU.

Collection Details: The DFW Wheat Toolkit is a set of pre-breeding germplasm lines, developed by the Designing Future Wheat (DFW) Institute Strategic Programme, a BBSRC funded scientific programme spanning eight research institutes and universities, with the aim to develop new wheat germplasm containing the next generation of key traits. Particularly promising lines are trialed in multi-site trials by commercial breeders and scientific institutions as an annually changing Breeders Diversity Toolkit (BTK) series.

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WBTK0001 BreedersToolKit (id#39263)PW141-16-7-10-Q2D-EM-P (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0001 Toolkit number: 1
WBTK0002 BreedersToolKit (id#39264)PW141-16-7-12-Q2D-EM-W (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0002 Toolkit number: 2
WBTK0003 BreedersToolKit (id#39265)PW141-7-6-18-Q7B-HT-W (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL 0019 Toolkit number: 19
WBTK0004 BreedersToolKit (id#39266)PW141-7-6-5-Q7B-HT-P (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0025 Toolkit number: 25
WBTK0005 BreedersToolKit (id#39267)PW034-19-6-11-Q2B-EM-P (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0064 Toolkit number: 64
WBTK0006 BreedersToolKit (id#39268)PW034-19-6-12-Q2B-EM-W (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0065 Toolkit number: 65
WBTK0007 BreedersToolKit (id#39269)PW352-54-2-17-Q3A-EM-P (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0067 Toolkit number: 67
WBTK0008 BreedersToolKit (id#39270)PW352-54-2-22-Q3A-EM-W (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0072 Toolkit number: 72
WBTK0009 BreedersToolKit (id#39271)PW729-77-3-12-Q5A-EM-W (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0094 Toolkit number: 94
WBTK0010 BreedersToolKit (id#39272)PW729-77-3-4-Q5A-EM-P (2016)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0101 Toolkit number: 101
WBTK0011 BreedersToolKit (id#39273)Paragon (GW2-A_WT) (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WM0010 Tool Kit number: 350
WBTK0012 BreedersToolKit (id#39274)Paragon (gw2-A_Mut) (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WM0011 Tool Kit number 351
WBTK0013 BreedersToolKit (id#39732)BCS1746 Karim Intro (2015)Tri-aes_syGBEspring420GRU WS0087
WBTK0014 BreedersToolKit (id#39733)BCS1549 SHW-18 intro (2015)Tri-aes_syGBEwinter420GRU WS0063
WBTK0015 BreedersToolKit (id#39734)BCS1604 Tios Emmer intro (2015)Tri-aes_syGBEwinter420GRU WS0076
WBTK0016 BreedersToolKit (id#39735)PW034-12-13-21-Q1A-HT-W (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0105, Toolkit number: 127
WBTK0017 BreedersToolKit (id#39736)PW034-12-13-10-Q1A-HT-P (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0104, Toolkit number: 126
WBTK0018 BreedersToolKit (id#39737)PW468-84-4-1-Q5A-COMGRWT-W (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0292, Toolkit number: 314
WBTK0019 BreedersToolKit (id#39738)PW468-84-4-12-Q5A-COMGRWT-P (2017)Tri-aesGBESpring420GRU WL0291, Toolkit number: 313