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JI1334 Pisum (id#24729)Trio (1979)GBRPods per Node: 3
JI1251 Pisum (id#24646)Lamprecht 375 (1979)USAPods per Node: 3
JI0774 Pisum (id#24174)Early Flowering (1968)DNKPods per Node: 3
JI0744 Pisum (id#24144)Asmer 015/65 (1969)USAPods per Node: 3
JI0538 Pisum (id#23938)ST102-69 (1969)USAPods per Node: 3
JI0515 Pisum (id#23915)853-64 (1969)GBRPods per Node: 3
JI0506 Pisum (id#23906)Puget-86-64 (1969)GBRPods per Node: 3
JI0477 Pisum (id#23877)H 163-3 (1969)USAPods per Node: 3
JI0365 Pisum (id#23765)Clamart A Trois Gousses (1968)PRTPods per Node: 3(Les pois, Fourmont 1956)
JI0280 Pisum (id#23680)P.sativum-Albania (1969)DEUPods per Node: 3