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Collection Name:Deposited Published Research MaterialCollection Image
Collection Description:

These are research materials deposited with the GRU to accompany publications. Researchers can deposit orthodox seed of any plant species referred to in their publications to enhance collaborations, promote reusability of resources and reproducibility of their results for exercising true open access plant science. The seed stocks are generated by the depositor laboratories and come to the GRU for safekeeping with a statement of provenance and clear terms of reference for their distribution.

GRU Collection Number:34
Number of Accession recorded in SeedStor:106 accessions
Collection is Publicly available:Yes
GRU Collection Type:Other
Collection Multilateral System Status:No
Collection material is part of ITPGRFA:No
Collection Comments:

Collection Recovery and MTA templates

MTA Sent and accepted on use
MTA Sent and accepted on use
MTA Sent and accepted on use
MTA Sent and accepted on use

Phytosanitary certificate: £25.52 Per Job
Phyto - Lab testing: £33.56 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (First 30 minutes): £127.60 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (Each additional 15 mins) : £63.30 Per Job
GRU Handling Fee for Phytosanitary certification: £50.00 Per Job
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job
GRU handling fee for Plant Passporting : £35.00 Per Job
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job

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