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Collection Name:Designing Future Wheat Academic ToolkitCollection Image
Collection Description:The DFW Wheat Toolkit (TK) is a set of pre-breeding germplasm lines, developed by the Designing Future Wheat (DFW) Institute Strategic Programme, a BBSRC funded scientific programme spanning eight research institutes and universities, with the aim to develop new wheat germplasm containing the next generation of key traits. The TK includes near isogenic lines (NILs) or equivalent material from different wheat diversity sources, e.g. landraces, mutation screening, ancient wheat relatives and new synthetic wheats. TK lines are assessed for traits of interest within the DFW programme ( and are genotyped using the 35k Axiom Wheat Genotyping Breeders Array. Particularly promising lines are trialled in multi-site trials by commercial breeders and scientific institutions as an annually changing Breeders Diversity Toolkit (BTK) series.
GRU Collection Number:40
Number of Accession recorded in SeedStor:1618 accessions
Collection is Publicly available:Yes
GRU Collection Type:Other
Collection Multilateral System Status:No
Collection material is part of ITPGRFA:No
Collection Comments:

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Signed MTA before Dispatch
Signed MTA before Dispatch
Signed MTA before Dispatch

EXPORT COST - Phytosanitary certification (as needed)
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job
Line Maintenance fee: £5.00 Per Line

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