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Collection Name:Paragon Gamma Irradiated deletionsCollection Image
Collection Description:The collection consists of 656 lines of M4 generation of spring wheat cultivar Paragon. The parent material was subjected to irradiation with gamma rays to induce chromosome breakage and deletions. The lines have been skim-sequenced to provide an overview of the deletions present in each line. The set provides a non-saturated tiling path of deletions across the wheat genome. The lines within the set enable the effect of gene loss to be evaluated for traits of interest. The set also provides an excellent platform to progress from QTL intervals to smaller defined regions and towards candidate genes that can be evaluated using the Cadenza TILLING population. Lines carrying deletions in selected homoeologous intervals can be inter-crossed to generate null genetic background in A, B and/or D genomes as desired. Lines carrying deletions in regions of interest can provide a null background for increasing the speed of generating triple gene knockouts for target genes through inter-crossing with Cadenza TILLING lines carrying mutations in target genes.
GRU Collection Number:44
Number of Accession recorded in SeedStor:656 accessions
Collection is Publicly available:Yes
GRU Collection Type:Derived
Collection Multilateral System Status:No
Collection material is part of ITPGRFA:No
Collection Comments:

Collection Recovery and MTA templates

Signed MTA before Dispatch
Signed MTA before Dispatch

Phytosanitary certificate: £25.52 Per Job
Phyto - Lab testing: £33.56 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (First 30 minutes): £127.60 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (Each additional 15 mins) : £63.30 Per Job
GRU Handling Fee for Phytosanitary certification: £50.00 Per Job
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job
GRU handling fee for Plant Passporting : £35.00 Per Job
Line Maintenance fee: £15.00 Per Line
Freedom to operate (Commercialisation Fee inc. Line Maintenance fee): £200.00 Per Line

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