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Collection Name:DFW Wheat Nested Association Mapping (DFW-NAM) panel Collection Image
Collection Description:

The BBSRC Designing Future Wheat - Nested Association Mapping panel (DFW - NAM) comprises of 8359 Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs) from a total of 91 bi-parental mapping populations. Each population originates from a cross between the UK spring wheat Paragon and 91 hexaploid wheat landraces, members of a genetically diverse core set of the A.E Watkins Stabilised Collection ( as described in Wingen et al. (2014) The development and genetic analysis of the NAM panel is described in Wingen et al. (2017) Genotype data and genetic maps are available at: and QTL discovered at: Use the Toggle and Sub-Collections search tool to find the population of interest on the collection search page. The GRU holds greenhouse grown, hand threshed seeds produced from cellophane bagged ears. These precise gold standard genotyped lines are occasionally held in stocks too low for immediate distribution. In these cases, ordering may include a round of bulking to achieve the seed for your order. Please be aware of this when planning your experiments and order with appropriate timing. DNA can be supplied in advance of seeds if requested

GRU Collection Number:47
Number of Accession recorded in SeedStor:8779 accessions
Collection is Publicly available:Yes
GRU Collection Type:Derived
Collection Multilateral System Status:No
Collection material is part of ITPGRFA:No
Collection Comments:

Collection Recovery and MTA templates

Signed MTA before Dispatch
Signed MTA before Dispatch
Signed MTA before Dispatch

Phytosanitary certificate: £25.52 Per Job
Phyto - Lab testing: £33.56 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (First 30 minutes): £127.60 Per Job
Phyto - Inspector visit (Each additional 15 mins) : £63.30 Per Job
GRU Handling Fee for Phytosanitary certification: £50.00 Per Job
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job
GRU handling fee for Plant Passporting : £35.00 Per Job
Line Maintenance fee: £15.00 Per Line

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