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Collection Name:JIC Pisum CollectionCollection Image
Collection Description:The collection is broad based and comprises a wide range of wild and semi-cultivated material in addition to landraces and cultivars from many regions around the world. The collection also includes near-isogenic series for a number of genes as well as sets of host differentials for all major pea diseases. The collection incorporates the International collection of mutation stocks on behalf of the Pisum Genetics Association in collaboration with the Nordic Gene Bank which serves as the base collection and backup for the work at the JIC. There is a further backup collection of mutation stocks at USDA Pullman Washington. The pea collection is funded through a Defra grant GC0145: Maintenance of a Pea Gene Bank.
GRU Collection Number:6
Number of Accession recorded in SeedStor:3500 accessions
Collection is Publicly available:Yes
GRU Collection Type:Core
Collection Multilateral System Status:Yes
Collection material is part of ITPGRFA:Yes
Collection Comments:

Collection Recovery and MTA templates

MTA Sent and accepted on use
Signed MTA before Job Close

EXPORT COST - Phytosanitary certification (as needed)
Handling Fee: £15.00 Per Job
Line Maintenance fee (Not charged for first 8 lines): £2.00 Per Line
Large Sample Size Excess Fee (When available): £5.00 Per Line

Collection Level Links & Supplemental Data Files

Link to Internet Resource: Guide to how to cross peas
GRU Information Resource 1: Guide to how to cross peas.wmv