Advanced Phenotype Search Module

This page gives us the maximum flexibility when querying accessions for specific phenotypic characteristics.

Phenotype data coverage is "as is" and will be non-uniform i.e. not all accessions will have recorded data for a given phenotype.

Extra phenotype information can be obtained where available by mouseover on the phenotype label or description.

Logical "AND" queries involving multiple characters can be conducted by selecting in multiple boxes.

Results can be downloaded as a list of Accessions in a CSV formatted file including the recorded phenotypes (But only where all Parameters have values).

The final page of results are ordered by the stringency with those that meet the most criteria at the top, within each stringency level the results are ordered by Accession Number.

For each Accession, phenotypes are shown in the same order as listed in the criteria and will be marked with a green tick if a match or red cross if not matching the criteria (for when a lower stringency is selected).

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