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Pea phylogenetic tree.

Pea phylogenetic tree.

SeedStor Update History

SeedStor Version 1.13 (Dec 2020)

This is a major update of the SeedStor Database.
  • New Collections have been added:
    • A new collection has been created to hold germplasm deposits from JIC staff in relation to publications that only generate a few Accessions: Deposited Published Research Material.
    • Ten new DFW Wheat Nested Association Mapping (DFW-NAM) panel populations.
    • New lines have been added to the Toolkit and Breeders Toolkit collection.
  • Our material has now been divided into three groupings: Natural, Induced and Derived Diversity and the home page search allow you to limit your queries to these.
  • We have created a new feature 'Compiled Accession List' which will allow us to highlight specific material for research or educational uses. An initial example is peas that could be used to show Mendals work on genetics.

SeedStor Version 1.12 (May 2020)

This is a major update of the SeedStor Database.
  • New Collections have been added:
    • Paragon EMS Mutants.
    • DFW Wheat Nested Association Mapping (DFW-NAM) panel.
    • The Pangenome Collection has returned - though the Secale line is not available from the GRU.
  • A number of accessions have been updated with altered passport and collection data.

SeedStor Version 1.11 (Dec 2019)

This is a major update of the SeedStor Database.
  • Additional lines have been added to the DFW Toolkit and Breeders Toolkit Collection.
  • New Collections have been added:
    • Paragon Gamma Irradiated deletion Collection.
    • Paragon Near Isogenic Line Library.
    • Wheat Resistance gene enrichment (REN) sequencing collection.
  • We have temporarily removed the Pangenome Collection for Distribution.
  • A number of accessions have been updated with altered passport and collection data.

SeedStor Version 1.10 (May 2019)

This is a minor update of the SeedStor Database.
  • New Collections have been added: RevGen TILLING population (Brassica rapa).
  • Updates to Collections: Watkins Stabilised Collection of Hexaploid Landrace Wheats.
  • Fixed Expedition information linking to Google Maps.
  • Cost recovery and MTA update for many collections.

SeedStor Version 1.09 (Dec 2018)

This is a major update of the SeedStor Database.
  • Additional lines have been added to the DFW Collection.
  • New Collections have been added:
    • Open Wild Wheat Consortium Ae. tauschii Diversity Pane.
    • Pangenome Collection.
    • Gediflux Northern European Wheat Collection.
    • Avalon x Cadenza Mapping Population.
    • Paragon x Chinese Spring Mapping Population.

SeedStor Version 1.08 (Aug 2018)

This is a major update of the SeedStor Database and a minor update to the codebase.
  • WISP collections have been subsumed into the new DFW collections.
  • We now have a link through to RevGenUK that now falls within the GRU remit.
  • The Waktins collections have been updated and we now also host the "Watkins Stabilised Collection of Hexaploid Landrace Wheats" derived from our original collection by the Griffith's Group here at the JIC.
  • Our shopping carts have also been updated and a privacy statement added to explain our GDPR processes.

SeedStor Version 1.07 (Dec 2017)

This is a minor update of accession data prior to Mike's retirement.
  • There have been a small number of changes to phenotypes and taxonomy following curation of our accessions.
  • We have also added 800 new photos for accessions within our collections.
  • Some minor changes to the code to consolidate some functions.

SeedStor Version 1.06 (Sept 2016)

This is a minor update to add the new WISP collections.
  • Two new collections have now been added, the output of the WISP research programme.
  • The TILLING resource has now been fully activated within SeedStor, though we still recommend using the Genome Browser to identify the lines needed.
  • GRU photos have been updated to randomly display and new photos added for various pages.

SeedStor Version 1.05 (Aug 2016)

This is the last major update SeedStor will undergo as after two and half years the initial project concludes. Further improvements will be included in future GRU aims and SeedStor will continue to be maintained by the CiS team within the NBI partnership.
  • This update includes some minor changes to how we handle phenotypes with the introduction of a system to enable us to record the primary observation within a set for a particular plant and character (caused by annual observations in the field during regeneration). This will resolve issues in phenotype searches where multiple occurrences distort the true number of matching results.
  • Further changes to the Phenotype Search includes the addition of a number of Passport fields (Sowing Season, Country of Origin and Sample Status). This now allows searches to include these when identifying accessions that meet 1 or more of the selected criteria.
  • Another collection has been added, the Vicia faba collection, this is one of the less publicised collection held by the GRU but is the first to include photos for all accessions of the beans.
  • We've added a Search Phenotype Classes so users can browse the types of phenotype data we hold. This makes it easier to browse through the phenotype data for a specific parameter.
  • There has also been a lot of tidying up and reorganisation to a final layout as some potential functions have not reached the final release.
  • Two new collections are in the process of being added, the output of the WISP research programme.

SeedStor Version 1.04 (Jun 2016)

This is the culmination of a number of minor updates for the SeedStor database and web pages. (The update to Version 1.03 solely affected the Curators management aspects of SeedStor).
  • 23 Feb 2016 - Minor update we now have a quick search box on the home page that will search Accession Name, Number and StoreCode.
  • 17 Mar 2016 - Minor update we now have altered the Shopping Cart to use jQuery instead of form submission so this now runs much faster and does not reload the page. This has also allowed us to adding 'Add to Cart' function on more search result pages.
  • 4 Apr 2016 - Minor update we have now added a placeholder for the TILLING Collection resources to direct enquiries until the journal article is published.
  • 27 May 2016 - Minor update We have added a new Collection "Triticeae Genome Association panel" to SeedStor.
  • 7 Jun 2016 - Addition of the WPGS FAQ page.

SeedStor Version 1.02 (Jan 2016)

This is an update for the SeedStor database and minor and major updates to the various search pages.
  1. The Watkins Collection has been added and 2 TILLING resources (Kronos and Cadenza backgrounds) will be available once TGAC launch the associated genome browser tools.
  2. New Images have been uploaded.
  3. Phenotype searches have been amended to allow the passport character 'Sowing Season' to be included in searches and a number of Phenotype Parameters have been curated further.
  4. A summary overview tab has been created for individual accessions page that summarises passport, phenotype and photo data.
  5. Additional hover text boxes to show greater detail for some fields across a range for pages for example TaxonCode on browse collections page.
  6. We have added two new contact buttons to enable site visitors to make suggestions about the site   SeedStor and curation notes about the material.   Curators

SeedStor Version 1.01 (Oct 2015)

This is an update of a number of search pages together with additional images uploaded.
  1. Accessions that have images are now indicated by a small image icon on the browse accessions page and on some search pages.
  2. We have doubled the number of Accession specific Images within SeedStor to almost 5000.
  3. Charting Phenotypes has been expanded to allow either pie or bar chart representation of phenotypic data, so continuous data e.g. pod width now can be represented effectively.
  4. Searching by Passport data has been expanded to allow Sub Taxon searches and results from multiple selections per passport trait.
  5. Search by Phenotype has been completely rewritten to enable large result sets to be displayed (or downloaded) and multiple selections within and between phenotypic traits to be utilised.
  6. Search by Phenotype allows varying levels of criteria matching to refine the number of results found.

SeedStor Version 1 (June 2015)

This is the third release of the SeedStor database for the public server. This is the official Launch version of SeedStor and includes many new updates.
  1. New collections have been added including the Wheat Precise Genetic Stocks. The Wheat TILLING resource for Cadenza and Kronos parental lines will become live together with the Genome Browser function under development by TGAC.
  2. SeedStor now handles multiple MTA documents per Collection, so we can handle the commercial and non commercial MTA for the TILLING resource.
  3. SeedStor now has a newly introduced Cost Recovery module which will be used by the new TILLING resource.
  4. Links to local files for supplemental data are now available for a number of lines where we hold additional molecular data.
  5. There is a specific search page to enable clients to query the WPGS collection against cell cytology data.

SeedStor Version β 3.5

This is the second release of the SeedStor database for the public server. No new collections have been added in this release, though the process of migrating the Wheat Precise Genetic Stocks data is almost complete.
  1. Links to other online resources are now enabled, e.g. links to Germinate for the Pea Collection.
  2. A hard coded link to an accession can be saved, copy "Hard Link to this Record" on the passport tab of an accession. e.g the Wheat Accession 'Scout'
  3. The Free Text Search page has been updated with more functionality and more searchable fields.
  4. It is now possible to download a csv file of results from more search pages including the Free Text Search page.

SeedStor Version β 3.2

This is the first public release of the SeedStor database including the major collections of the GRU (BBSRC Small Grain Cereal Collections, Crop Wild Relatives and JIC Pisum Collection).